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HYDROVIT Intim pH 4.5 Intimcare 150ml

HYDROVIT Intim pH 4.5 Intimcare 150ml
Refreshing Deo-Liquid for Intimate Areas and Body

HYDROVIT Intim Intimcare is a cleansing liquid for intimate and sensitive areas of women, men and children. Its pH 4.5 is compatible to intimate area's pH in order to respect the natural flora. It contains Menthol, a substance with astrigent, anti-itching, deodorant and antiseptic properties, which create a sense of freshness. Herbal extracts of Chamomile, Rosemary, Thyme and Sage revitalize, calm and soften sensitive area, while Phospholipids protect and sustain skin cell's health and consistency.

HYDROVIT Intim Intimcare, due to its ingredients, it is used for daily cleansing of sensitive areas. It has natural deodorant properties when used during pregnancy and menstruation. It is ideal for vulvitis, vulvovaginitis, balanoposthitis, urinary tract infections, interdigital areas such as athlete's foot and for mycosis. It is also appropriate to use in chicken pox, measles and itching.

Use: Wet skin area and apply HYDROVIT Intim Intimcare until rich foam is produced. Rinse well.

It does not cause irritation or dryness - Soap, color, fragrance free - Ideal for children and adults - Keep below 250C.

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