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AVENE Haute Protection Compact Sable 50SPF 10gr

AVENE Haute Protection Compact Sable 50SPF 10gr
High Protection and Makeup of intolerant skins

Indications: allergic skin chemical potions and perfumes, sun-sensitive skin, fair skin.

Properties photostable and long term stays in the skin, the Compact Sable for high protection contains a combination of photo-reflective mineral that ensures high and balanced protection of the entire solar spectrum and pre-tocopheryl antioxidant that strengthens the skin barrier defense. The Compact Sable covers skin imperfections and make up the skin blackens difficult.

Instructions: Before sun exposure, apply at least 1g of product in person. Reapply often applied.

Water resistant - no chemical filter - No Paraben - Hypoallergenic - Non-comedogenic

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