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VICHY Aqua Destock 2 in 1 200ml

VICHY Aqua Destock 2 in 1 200ml
Slimming Care Improves Silhouette

  In women, the appearance of the face'' orange peel'' usually accompanied by accumulation of water causes swelling algae feeling of heaviness in the legs.
  Innovation Vichy: Care 2-in-1 addresses the water retention and the appearance of orange peel. Combines Aquacidine, an activating agent traffic and the component reference to slimming, Caffeine in pure form for the removal of lipids.
  Dual action polishing and improving body image: The leg swelling subsides immediately. The appearance of orange peel'''' smoothed by the seventh day. In 28 days slimmer waist.
Usage: For maximum effectiveness, discover in the package application tips with massage movements developed in collaboration with physiotherapists to improve their physical decongestion of the organization.
Cool texture'' ice'' for immediate relief from bloating sensation - Hypoallergenic.

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