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ELANCYL Cellu Slim Night 250ml

ELANCYL Cellu Slim Night 250ml
Optimal Intensive Slimming During the Night

Smoothing the appearance of orange peel and slimming

Action to slimming : the GP4G ( digouanosini tetraphosphate ) , true source of energy for cells , stimulates cellular metabolism during the night in order to improve the effect of the combination of caffeine and Kekropos fat removal mechanisms to reduce visible cellulite . The extract from apple branches reduces fat storage and the extract of pepper Sisouan reduces recurrence cellulite efficacy lasts.

Beautiful Skin: safflower oil and evening primrose give nourishment to the skin is very soft as you wake up .

Tightening : ivy , natural ingredients , enhances elasticity and skin tightening . Also encourages physical decongestion with the action of massage to help release the tissue water retention .

Directions: Apply daily Cellu Slim Night following the massage method Elancyl designed by qualified physiotherapist . This rich cream with delightful composition is suitable for massage . Effectiveness depends on compliance with the instructions, regular application and a healthy lifestyle .

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