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EUBOS Feminin Washing Emulsion 200ml CODE No: 001479

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Liquid Detergent Sensitive Area


The very gentle composition is free from soap and has been developed for the daily care outside the sensitive area. The acidic pH (approximately 4.3) is adjusted to normal pH in the region of the healthy vagina. Consequently, protecting the natural biosphere and normal bacterial flora consists of lactobacilli. This is important for defense against foreign microorganisms. The Wet Cleaning Eubos sensitive area strengthens the immune system's own skin. The lactic acid and nourishing and protective factors to ensure smoothness, hydration and relieve skin.

Composition: Soft combination of cleansing, moisturizing agents and skin care ingredients. Contains friendly with skin peptides from milk and wheat, panthenol (provitamin B5), the soothing bisabolol (chamomile active ingredient) and the hydrating agent glycerol.

Natural lactic acid has the normal acidic pH THE sensitive area and soothes. Free from soaps without dyes and preservatives.

Compatibility confirmed by dermatological and gynecological control. Suitable also as a supplementary treatment on the advice of her gynecologist.

Usage: In a small amount of liquid cleaning Eubos sensitive area adding a little water, creating a soft foam exterior and clean the sensitive area, for example during the shower. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel.

Recommendations: The Wet Cleaning Eubos sensitive area is recommended for all women regardless of age. Suitable for everyday use. A distinctive scent of lavender creates a feeling of freshness.


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