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DUCRAY Elution Dermo-protective Treatment Shampoo 200ml CODE No: 001312

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Balancing Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp


  • Protects from external aggressions
  • Soothes the scalp

Maintaining the health of the scalp determines the health and balance of the hair. Pollution, stress, improper use of hair products make the scalp fragile. To protect and enhance it, the Ducray Dermatological Laboratories created the shampoo Elution Relais.
Elution Relais shampoo respects the scalp thanks to dermoproteines enriched with vitamin B5, which create a natural protective and moisturizing film on the surface of the scalp, protecting against external attacks, without causing side effects. So shampoo Elution Relais restores balance to the scalp and hair gain vitality, health, body and shine.

Instructions: Recommended for frequent use. Indicated for use in combination with the shampoo treatment against silicosis or after stopping treatment to reduce exacerbations as the scalp is fragile and needs calming, soothing and protection.

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