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BAUSCH&LOMB ReNu MultiPlus Solution 360ml CODE No: 000821

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For Soft Contact Lenses Including Silicone Hydrogels


Directions: Follow your eye care professional's advice and package insert for comlete instructions, contents, and important safety information.

Discard remaining solution six months after opening. Do not use beyond expiry date. Do not use if Bausch & Lomb neckband on the bottle is broken or missing.

Contents: A sterile, isotonic solution that contains boric acid, edetate disodium, sodium borate and sodium chloride, DYMED (polyamonipropyl biguanide) 0,0001%, HYDRANATE (hydroxyalkylphosphonate) 0,03%, poloxamine 1%.

Bausch & Lomb recommends rubbing and rinsing as best practice. ReNu MultiPlus MultiPurpose Solution is also recommended if your Eye Care Practitioner advises an alternative procedure without rubbing step - see inside for details.

HYDRANATE (hydroxyalkyl - phoshonate): Removes protein deposits that accumulate during wear.

Poloxamine: Removes dirt and debris that deposit on your lens (for clearer vision). Enhances wettability.

DYMED (polyaminopropyl biguanide) 0,0001%: Effectively kills micro-organisms (germs) on your lens.

Bonic acid, edetate disodium, sodium borate and sodium chloride: Balances solution for your lens wearing comfort.

Lens Case Included


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