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AVENE Cleanance Soin Localise 0.25g CODE No: 000617

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Eliminate Localized Blemished


Properties: Its ingredients with complementary properties:

  • Dry out: the combination of powders and white clay have an instant absorbing effect on excess oil.
  • Purify: its antibacterial ingedients prevent blemish from developing.
  • Deep-cleanse: BHA (beta-hydroxy-acid) unclogs the pores which helps reduce blemishes.

Application is made easy by its fine and colorless tip.

Directions for use: Apply Cleanance Spot Treatment onto the blemish. Use 2 to 3 times a day.

Cleanance Spot Treatment can, in rare cases, cause tingling sensations. This is temporary and means that the product is effective. Do not apply on children under the age of 3. In case of sun exposure, use adequate protection. Fragrance-free.


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