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AVENE PhysioLift Precision 15ml CODE No: 000722

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Wrinkle Filler - Deep wrinkling, Strong Wrinkles


The benefits:
- Highly concentrated in anti-aging active ingredients, corrects visibly more pronounced wrinkles and deeper folds: Front, crow's feet, glabellar wrinkles, perioral wrinkles. The skin benefits from the complementary action Askofyllinis TM, the Mono-Hyaluronic Acid Oligomers and Retinaldefdis.
- Soothes: Rich in thermal water of Avène, soothing and anti-irritant.

  Releasing the right dose, due to the high precision of the applicator, the PhysioLift PRECISION offers personalized correction, as close to wrinkle. High technology with unparalleled efficiency, the texture in the form of "extender" perfect foam penetrates the cavity and the most intense in the deep wrinkles and folds, releasing the active ingredients during the night. The good tolerance has been tested on sensitive skin.

Instructions: Apply Wrinkle Filler PhysioLift PRECISION night, into the cavity of wrinkles and help to penetrate with the fingertips.


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