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AVENE Tres Haute Protection Creme 50+ SPF 50ml CODE No: 000744

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Very High Protection for Sensitive Dry Skin - No Blank Traces


Indications: skin hypersensitive to sunlight and any skin exposed to intense sunlight.

Properties: Very broad UV protection thanks to the exclusive combination of active ingredients of Sunsitive protection:

  • Photoprotective complex, stable and effective over time.
  • The Avene Thermal Spring Water with soothing and anti-irritant properties. Transparent to the application, its rich and creamy texture protects and moisturizes the delicate skin dry. 


Apply sunscreen regularly and in sufficient quantity. Avoid sun exposure between 12h and 16h. Using photoresist product should not encourage you to stay in the sun too. Excessive sun exposure is damaging to health. Protect yourself with appropriate clothing and goggles.

Water resistant - Paraben free


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