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AVENE HYDRANCE Legere Cream 40 ml CODE No: 000692

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Moisturizers for Sensitive Normal or Combination skin


Indications: Sensitive normal or composite skins are dehydrated due to various attacks (irritant dermatological or cosmetic treatments, cold, wind, sun ...).

Properties there in our organization a perfect hydration model: the model of the eye. The eye, an organ highly sensitive, has a very organized system - the lacrimal film - which protects and maintains continuous ydatomeno. The Dermatological Ergrastiria AVENE have plays for the first time, optimal hydration mechanism to provide sensitive skin an intensive and long lasting hydration. The Hydrance OPTIMALE restore and maintain a continuous hydration for sensitive skin due to the synergistic effect of active components. The bio-lipomykini, bio-mimetic active, replicating a hydration system and protection of the lacrimal film and enhances the diffusion of water active of the three lipids and spa Water Avene has soothing and anti-irritant properties. The Hydrance OPTIMALE Legere is a low-viscosity non-greasy cream that absorbs quickly and provides immediate relief to the skin. Thus, the skin rediscovers its balance and is still soft, elastic and shiny.

Instructions: Apply morning and evening to face and neck.


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