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AVENE XeraCalm A.D. Creme Relipidante 200ml CODE No: 000768

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Very Dry Skin - Skin with Atopic - Prone Skin ItchingInfants, Children, Adults


Cream alternates lipids - Face and Body
Indications: Cream replenish lipids, specifically designed for all cases of moderate to severe dryness of the skin of babies , children and adults :
  •     skin with atopy
  •     skin prone itching , irritation and redness in skin dryness
  •     dry skin on the nature of
Properties: The composition of cream XeraCalm to replenish lipids has been designed with minimal ingredients , selected for efficacy and safety :
The patented complex of L-modulia is the fruit of scientific studies for 12 years conducted by the Research Centre Pierre Fabre. It is the heart of the active substances produced by a type of microflora contained in thermal water Avene. After detection , these active substances have been development in biotechnology center us to proliferate and be reinforced , in this way , the anti- irritant and soothing properties. The l-modulia, which is extremely effective , reduces itching due to skin dryness and soothes redness and irritation due to the reactivity of the skin.
Lipids CER-OMEGA, which resemble those of the skin, help repair and nourish the skin and strengthen the protective barrier , so helping to better resist external attacks .
The Avene thermal spring water that has soothing and anti - irritant properties , reduces the feeling of discomfort and soothes the skin.
Result of the philosophy of ' sterile Cosmetology ', this composition combines high-tech components with Avene thermal spring water and contains no synitritika , perfume , alcohol or dyes. Thus, the skin is soothed and regains comfort and softness with complete safety.

0% Conservative , 0% paraben, 0% scent , 0 % alcohol

Instructions: Apply the cream Xeracalm 1-2 times a day to dry areas of the face and / or body after cleansing with Cleansing Oil XeraCalm. Recommended and after use of Baume XeraCalm, for maintenance.

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