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EUBOS Cream Bath Oil 200ml CODE No: 001464

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Oily Shower Gel


Oily gel, foaming slightly to gentle cleansing and skin care. Supply of precious lipids in very dry itchy skin with a tendency, even during bathing. These valuable nutrients are tailored to the needs of dry to very dry skin. Protect against further dryness of the skin and help restore and maintain the lipid content.

The oil treatment and protection of the skin form a very thin film on the surface of the skin and antimetopizounto unpleasant feeling of itching and pulling. The antidepressant action polydoxanolis extract and chamomile strengthen efcharistx feeling generated by oily constituents.

Composition: Combine ingredients lightly foaming cleaners, which supplies the skin of precious lipids, in intensive care, the gentle cleansing and skin care. The selected mixture of lipids containing precious oils of sweet almond and soy is rich in unsaturated, essential fatty acids for intensive skin care.

Without alkali - no soap, no dyes and preservatives. Dermatologist confirmed good tolerance of the skin.

Use: Add Eubos oily Shower Gel (about 30-40ml) in bathwater running for a bathroom body care. Also suitable in cases of skin problems, after medical advice.

CAUTION: Creamy composition - Danger slippery


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