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EUBOS Liquid Washing Emulsion Blue Ανταλλακτικό 400ml CODE No: 001467

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Liquid Cleaning Soap instead


Liquid for everyday, gentle dermatological cleansing of the body in the shower or bath. The specific combination of tried and tested cleaning components are specifically designed for deep cleaning of the resources of sensitive skin, like the troubled impure skin. generally recommended where there is free of alkali and soaps, physiological pH value, cleans gently but deep resources, while protecting the natural biosphere, the protective mantle of the skin.

Composition: Combination of cleaning substances with 6% amphoacetate, selected based on scientific research, the very gentle but effective cleaning. With Allantoin and natural moisturizing factor in skin protection. Thanks to the balanced composition, ensure the protective function of the skin even during regular use.

No scent, no fragrance.

The tolerance of the skin confirmed by dermatological checks. Suitable also for purification of problem skin, after medical advice.

Application: Used for cleaning showers and as consumer products. In the bathroom, add Eubos Wet Cleaning in bathwater.

Important: Before filling the empty bottles, please make sure it contains water. Otherwise, the foaming prevents the filling process.

Recommendations: For the best skin care is recommended to use lotion after cleaning, Eubos Skin Balm for normal skin. By pantheoli, allantoin and vitamin E.


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