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EUBOS Feet Cream Urea 10% 100ml CODE No: 001475

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Foot Cream


The gentle, fast-absorbed Emulsion S / N, macadamia and almond oil, glycerine and allantoin, is suitable for everyday dermatological care of the feet.

  • Dry and very dry, rough skin, a skin ragades, pressure points on skin showing cornification and cracking feet.
  • Care of the feet in diabetics, people who have atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

How the Care of Urea 10%: Dry skin has a frequent lack of lipid and urea - the natural moisturizing factor of the skin - which leads to further dryness in the upper layers of the skin. The Cream Urea 10% Foot equips skin substantially moisture binding agent urea and thus greatly increases the ability of skin hydration. The higher dose of urea also acts keratolytic, so the upper layers smooths the skin and prevent the cornification, enhancing skin renewal. Allantoin, the refreshing menthol, the galktiko acid as well as a special combination of lipids valuable oil macadamia, almond and glycerol restore suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

The use: Apply morning and evening to clean and dry feet and massage gently, especially at the locations shown strong cornification (heels).

The Result: The hydration of dry skin is greatly increased. The combination of active ingredients with selected lipids and glycerol enhances the protective function of skin, improves the situation and help in dealing with keratinization and feel pressure. Dermatology tests confirm the excellent compatibility and effectiveness, especially in the case of very dry skin problematic.

Dermatologist tested, particularly in diabetics and in cases of atopic dermatitis.

To minimize the risk of allergy: No odor - No lanonini - Without colors - Without PEG - No Paraben - without oils (paraffin)


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