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COREGA Whitening 36tabs CODE No: 001149

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Denture Cleaning Tablets


For Pure Natural White Dentures All Day

  • When used every day own Corega Whitening help you keep your teeth clean and your natural white.
  • It effectively removes bacterial plaque and stubborn stains such as those caused by coffee, tea or nicotine.
  • Removes bacteria that cause bad breath giving you fresh breath.
  • Cleanses in depth removing food residue from the dentures and even between the teeth.


  1. Put one tablet in a glass of lukewarm water.
  2. Put immediately into artificial dentures so you are covered completely by the effervescent solution. Leave your dentures in the solution for 15 minutes or overnight if you prefer.
  3. Wash for a few seconds dentures running water before use.

Caution: Do not swallow tablets. Do not drink the detergent solution and do not make mouthwash t it. Keep away from children.


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