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AYURCARE Patchouli Essential Oil 10ml CODE No: 000805

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Antidepressant Essential Oil - Tonic - Renewal - Calming


Smell: Intense, spicy

    This essential oil gives balance and calm our emotions, drives away lethargy while fighting the emotional distress. Combats bacterial infections and it is wonderful to combat insect bites. Fights largely cellulite and helps greatly to weight loss.

  Moreover, it has great deodorizing action with very nice flavor, while it helps against overheating of the body. Facial and body care applications is one of the most active essential oils because they are active innovator cells, renewing the old cells faster geiansi, but also prevents the scarring after treatment.
Summing up the essential oil Patchouli act directly in the treatment of dry and dehydrated skin, used to treat acne, ekzymatos while mental and physical renewal.


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