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Improve Brain Function


-weak memory

-tinnitus ear

-senile dementia


-Cold hands and feet


- intermittent claudication

  It might seem unlikely or unrealistic that the leaves of a tree there is an ordinary substance properties render it suitable for the treatment of regressive evolution of cognition . Across Europe, the Ginkgo is widely prescribed as a treatment for brain dysfunction including dementia and Alzheimer\'s disease . The scientific evidence for the efficacy and safety is widespread . Some experts argue that the Ginkgo is the most important of all natural healing substances .More than fifty- controlled clinical studies confirm the therapeutic properties of the plant in the treatment of memory impairment and inattention , confusion , dizziness and tinnitus ( ringing in the ears ) . The effect of Ginkgo can be enormous , and rejuvenates brain function and prevents the appearance of symptoms due to poor blood kykloforiatou . According to experts the right time for someone to start taking Ginkgo is soon perceived the first signs of memory impairment . When the intervention is done early can prevent and retard further deterioration of brain function .

  Usually the improvement occurs within four to six weeks. However, according to results of a major study, the beneficial effects of Ginkgo appears to accumulate in the body over time and is much higher in six months, compared with the first quarter of cases of dementia. German urologists recently also found that Ginkgo is good giatin treat male impotence.Treatment with this herb stimulates the blood flow through arteries, enhancing in this way erectile function. The researchers found a significant improvement after taking Ginkgo for a period of nine months in 78% of men suffering from "arterial erectile impotence".


High doses are likely to be contraindicated in persons receiving anticoagulant therapy or bleeding problems. In these cases involves medical supervision while taking the Ginkgo.

Dosage: Adults: 20-30 drops in a little water, 3 times a day before meals.


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