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ARKOCAPS Echinacea 45caps CODE No: 000518

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Increases the body\'s defenses antiviral


  The plant was known to the Indians of North America , who used it to treat wounds and snake bites . The root is collected in the spring, after 4 years of cultivation, and contains many active ingredients with immunostimulatory properties .

Numerous plant components are organized in such a manner opposing the intruders an effective immune defense . We distinguish polysaccharides that protect cells from viral attack, alkamidia with antibacterial and antifungal properties , and other anti-inflammatory action .These ingredients also act by increasing the level of white blood cells and favoring the synthesis of a key to the immune molecule , interferon . Many clinical studies have demonstrated the immunostimulatory activity of Echinacea in many diseases due to exhaustion or immunodeficiency. Without having any toxicity or side effects , the Echinacea is an ideal plant for treatment 1-3 months in early each winter to strengthen the body against the repeated attacks of virus infection . Can also be used as a precautionary measure when the body is under physical or mental fragility that harm the immune system .

Dosage: 2 capsules morning noon and night with meals

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