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Antiviral - Reduces Duration of Colds


  The use of this resinous substance as an antiseptic begins 2,300 years ago. Bees collect the resin from the bark is wounded trees , to coat the inner walls of the cell . Block so the faults but mainly protect the "home" from dangerous intruders and outbreaks of microorganisms (bacteria , fungi) .

Propolis , difficult and costly in terms of product collection is found in small quantities in honey. Its beneficial properties have been studied and many tasks are due to the presence of flavonoids.These compounds promote the body\'s defenses against multiple attacks (bacterial , fungal , viral etiology ) . Without being toxic , propolis is a very active "antibiotic" without the side effects of the "traditional " medicines and causes the resistance of germs . All these antimicrobial properties utilized to the maximum to combat respiratory tract infections ( bronchitis, pharyngitis , angina, rhinitis) and a general context , for immune stimulation .

Dosage: 1 capsule morning, noon and evening before meals

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