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ARKOCAPS Passiflora 50caps CODE No: 000535

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Sedative - Hypnotic


  The Passiflora is a beautiful creeper comes from Mexico where was used by the Aztecs for its soothing properties . The Spanish Jesuits brought the plant in France under the name " flower of passion ."

The upper part of passiflora contains flavonoids and alkaloids which have beneficial properties in sleep disorders . Gradually restores the quality of sleep in people with insomnia . Also , eliminates anxiety , nervousness and anxiety caused by our daily life, and prepares us for a peaceful sleep . People who wake up every day around 4 in the morning without being able to fall back asleep , the passionflower has gradually a refreshing and quality sleep .The passionflower is also effective in treating nerve spasms. Without causing addiction, the passionflower is an excellent tool that helps to pause and to replace classical hypnotics which we know the long-term adverse effects. The method of switching is gradually reducing the dose of hypnotics, and substituting passionflower.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules after each meal. Higher dose: 9 capsules a day

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