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A.VOGEL Hyperiforce 60tabs CODE No: 000095

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Antidepressant - Melancholy - Herpes Zoster - nerve pain



  •      Mild depression - melancholy
  •      Depression, grief, phobias
  •      seasonal Depression
  •      Nerve pain (sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia)


  In Germany the first substance consumption for the treatment of depression is the plant hypericum, which is the "prozac of nature ." Each year doctors write about three million prescriptions for hypericum, with state approval , based on the results of rigorous clinical results dokimon.Ta twenty-five studies carried ¬ lation with particular attention showed that the plant relieves depression and faces many times as efficiently with powerful antidepressants and even without unpleasant side effects. It is a common wildflower with bright yellow flowers with small black spots on their edges .


One of the biggest advantages of hypericum are infrequent and relatively mild side effects . The most frequently reported are gastrointestinal disorders . Allergies are rare . All side effects disappear quickly stopped taking it. Sometimes , reducing the dose of hypericum that the body adapt to therapeutic herb can eliminate the side effects . Some doctors warn users hypericum avoid exposure to the sun because of possible photoallergy .

  This has been observed in laboratory animals with light skin , but studies have shown that for such problems to occur in humans, the dose required thirty to seventy times the recommended dose . The extensive use of hypericum in Germany has shown no symptoms of short-term or long-term toxicity at recommended therapeutic doses . The plant should not be taken in combination with synthetic antidepressants and pregnant or lactating women .

Dosage: Adults : 1 tablet 3 times a day during meals. Swallowed unchewed with a little water . After 2 weeks, 1 tablet 2 times a day .


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