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Chronic Constipation - Poor Digestion


The cholairetiki action Artichoke ( increases the secretion of bile ) resulted in a bitter and aromatic substances: kynarini . Stimulating the secretion of bile, the Artichoke also acts in cases of constipation . <span title="\&quot;Πράγματι," η="" χολή="" βοηθά="" στην="" κινητοποίηση="" του="" εντέρου="" (περισταλτισμός),="" και="" συμβάλλει="" εκκένωση="" των="" κοπράνων.\"="">Indeed, the bile helps to mobilize the intestine ( peristalsis ) , and contributes to the evacuation of the faeces .The sheet artichoke contains the other hand sterols, magnesium, and potassium, components which act synergistically with kynarini. Using the method kryothrymmatismou, receive the benefits of all the constituents of the plant. The Artichoke seems to contribute to the regeneration of liver cells are exposed to various toxins. If this effect is confirmed in controlled clinical studies, this plant can be used as protective of the liver in people suffering from cirrhosis.Finally, recently discovered that artichoke leaf has the ability to lower cholesterol. Caution: As with all plants that stimulate the gall bladder, the artichoke should not be used in cases of obstruction of the bile ducts.

Dosage: 1 capsule morning, noon and evening before meals

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