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ARKOCAPS Yeast 45caps CODE No: 000544

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Acne - Brittle Hair - Dull Skin


  The Yeast consists of rounded or oval cells , singly or chain that are like tiny mushrooms . The found naturally in some fruits and bark into the wort .

The Brewer\'s Yeast is necessary for people with dry or damaged skin , nails that break or dull hair and split ends . The Yeast has beneficial effects on acne-prone skin due to the anti - bacterial action ( against S. aureus ) . Thanks to the precious ingredients , the yeast increases the resistance of the organism and combats tiredness . Ideal for hair loss which is common after childbirth .The Brewer\'s Yeast contains all the elements needed for metabolism to function properly: essential amino acids, protein, B vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, potassium and iron). The consumption of beer yeast allows ingested a real army living cells, which not only attacks the toxins circulating in the blood, but also increase the strength of the immune system during the winter months.

Dosage: 1 capsule morning, noon and night with meals

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