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CHARAK Ayurveda Vigomax Forte 20tabs CODE No: 001094

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Strengthens Erections - Improves Libido


Indications: weak llibido associated with diseases or medications, erectile dysfunction due to psychological or functional disturbances

Actions: Improves sexual function in men with the problem of impaired libido or impotence. Generally stimulates the body and achieves increased sexual desire and performance. It contributes to strengthening and maintaining an erection, facilitating perfusion of the penis. Relieves fatigue, intense stress and anxiety associated with lack of sexual interest. Increases vigor, vitality and stamina.

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets at least 2 weeks.

Side Effects - Interactions: There has been no side effects or interactions with other medicines. It disrupts the body's hormonal balance. Totally safe and in cases of hypertension, heart failure or kidney failure.


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