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ARKOCAPS Horse chestnut 45caps CODE No: 000536

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heavy Legs


  It is a large tree with origins in the Balkans today cultivated throughout Europe. Adorn the parks and streets.

  The Horse chestnut has the effect of the ingredients contained in the bark. These include a coumarin aioskoulini thanks to vitamin P which contains features flevotonikes properties. This action enhances the strength of capillaries while reducing their permeability.Flavonoids with antiinflammatory activity and flevosysfyktiki participate in improving blood circulation and relieve the pain caused by the hemorrhoidal attacks. The combined action of these ingredients are highly beneficial in the treatment of symptoms associated with venous insufficiency (swelling, heavy legs aching), the hemorrhoidal crises, and the treatment of bruises or varicose veins.

Dosage: 1 capsule morning, noon and night with meals

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