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Fatigue - Weakness - Recovery


  The extremely rapid growth of the larvae of the queen bee and the remarkable longevity initiated very early curiosity of researchers. The key to the mystery lies in the pulp with pearly reflections from which feeds the queen bee. This substance secreted by worker bees, called Royal Jelly and "bee milk".Discovered in this pulp a really valuable nutritious and energizing concentrate that could not be reproduced with natural or synthetic products. Very rich in B vitamins (especially B3, B5, folic acid and biotin), also contains minerals, trace elements (iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus ...) as well as amino acids and essential fatty acids.

  The Royal Jelly stimulates, replenishes energy, stimulates the body\'s natural defenses, increases the resistance of the organism to illness, fatigue or extreme weather conditions such as cold. The Royal Jelly is ideal for both adults and children, and elderly people in cases of fatigue (mental or physical), difficulty concentrating, depression, or to help the body in recovery phase.Freeze drying is the best method of treatment, because compacts and maintain the best possible active ingredients of royal jelly (composed of 66% water). The Royal Jelly is even more effective when combined with ginseng, for a month.

Dosage: 1 capsule 3 times daily with each meal


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