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Rheumatism - Pain Problems - Fractures


  It is found most often in Europe and bears the name " horse tail " of the filamentous form of the twig . This so common plant used by traditional medicine of the 16th century because of the very property of imparting the necessary minerals in bones .

The recent identification of large wealth metals plant Horsetail, particularly on silica ( 5-10 % of dry plant) , helped to better understand its mechanism of action . Activates the synthesis of collagen in bones and connective tissue which favors rebuilding cartilage in arthritis .People with arthritis or rheumatism feel significant improvement in mobility. Silicon also facilitate nourishment of fractures favoring the formation of new bone . The components significantly improve the flexibility of tendons and help protect them during strenuous athletic effort (prevention of bursitis, biceps -tennis elbow). Due to the diuretic action of the Horsetail plant traditionally used to facilitate the operation of elimination of unnecessary substances in the body and to combat fluid retention .

Dosage: 1 capsule morning, noon and night with each meal

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