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AM HEALTH Pro Natura Cholesteran 60caps CODE No: 000230

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Reduces Serum Cholesterol Levels


  Reduces serum cholesterol levels ( improving the ratio of good and bad cholesterol ) and triglycerides . Protects against free radicals and maintain good physical condition. Assists in proper digestion , stimulates gastric secretion and promotes absorption of nutrients from the gut . It is an important source of vitamin B. It ensures better protection of the liver and helps to detoxify the body .

Composition : lyophilized yeast 50mg/kapsoula , soya lecithin powder 50mg/kapsoula , wheat bran powder 180mg/kapsoula , artichoke leaf powder (cynarae folium pulvis) 20mg/kapsoula .

Instructions for use: 1 capsule x 3/day , after meals , with a glass of water for a period of 6 months.

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