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FREZYDERM Intim Area Liquid 200ml CODE No: 001692

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Gentle Cleanser Sensitive Area


  For the daily hygiene of women of fertile age. It combines gentle cleansing, selective antimicrobial activity and enhancement of the natural defense of the area from irritation, infections, vaginitis and fungal infections. 

Safe product without parabens suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Recommended local dry skin, bad breath during pregnancy and menstruation, after swimming or as directed by your doctor.
Mild surfactants: high cleaning effect with low sudsing. Wash easily and leaves an invisible protective mantle.
Antimicrobial agents: Echinacea and undecylenic acid derivative. Protection from vaginitis and fungal infections.
Moisturizing and softening active: restore the natural moisturizing factor of the skin with epilipantiki action.
Antiphlogistic components: soothes irritations and inflammations.
CM Glucan: activates the skin's natural defenses and protects against allergic reactions.
Usage: Apply to wet skin and rub gently. Rinse with plenty of water without sponge. Daily or as directed by a doctor.


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