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FREZYDERM Intim Vaginal Douche Monodose 150ml CODE No: 001695

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Transvaginal CleanerChamomile-Echinacea-Prebiotics


Douche solution in single dose
Cleaning of secretions, debris period or contraceptive gel. Relief from dryness, itching, irritation, inflammation. Deodorization and stabilization vaginal pH. Rejuvenation vaginal epithelium.
Chamomile: Medicinal extract. Provide relief and soothe the local discomfort (itching, burning).
Echinacea: Medicinal extract. Increases antimicrobial protection of the vagina and strengthens the self-defense of the vaginal mucosa.
Prebiotic agent: Enhancing the normal flora and the defense of the vaginal area.
Lactic Acid & Sodium Lactate: Stabilizes the normal pH of the vagina.
Plant Saponins: Cleans sensitive atrial epithelium without aggressive synthetic soaps.
Xylitol: Protects the normal vaginal flora. Attacks coexisting pathological strains.
To enhance the normal flora, personal hygiene and deodorize.
Usage: 1 douche a day or as directed by your gynecologist. The use of other intravaginal preparation followed after at least 30 minutes.


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