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DUREX Performax Intense 6pcs CODE No: 001378

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Condoms for a More Intense Experience


6 condoms for a more intense experience for both 

-designed to mutual climax
-with a lubricant containing benzocaine 5% to help him last longer
-with streaks and dots to intensify orgasm
-wearable, with seminal outcome
-transparent, with a lubricating coating
-nominal width: 56mm 

    The lubricant condoms Durex Performax Intense can cause a rash, irritation, burning or itching. Avoid contact with eyes and remove all traces of lubricant after use. If you experience any irritation, discontinue use.  
If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Do not use these condoms if you or (ii) your partner have inflamed or chapped skin.
If you or (h) show your partner you have difficulty breathing or blue lips during their use of condoms, immediately discontinue use and seek medical help. 
Premature ejaculation is a common problem that can be due to various causes and requires medical para 
Carefully read the leaflet enclosed in the package, especially if chrisimopoieita condoms for anal or oral sex. For even more sensual experience, use lubricants Durex Play. The Durex Play is safe to use with condoms unlike lubricants base oils that can destroy it.
No method of contraception offers 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy, AIDS virus or other sexually transmitted diseases. Dermatologist tested. Use a condom only chrisi.kolouthisi. If these condoms do not help you, seek medical advice.


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