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PROPOLINE Organic Propolis Tincture 50ml CODE No: 000476

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Organic Propolis Solution


Propolis is a bee product known as "nature's antibiotic". Bees use it to strilize and protect their hive. The APIVITA organic propolis solution is rich in active ingredients, mainly flavonoids and essential oils, which have antiseptic, antioxidant, healing and antimicrobial properties. Traditionally propolis solution is used topically to help skin's tissue regeneration and healing. Furthermore, it helps reinforce our natural defences in order to fight the symptoms of common cold and protects oral hygiene.

External Use: apply solution as is locally on pimpes, smalt cuts, skin irritations.

Internal Use: stir 1ml of solution in one glass of water and drink or gargle. Close properly after use. Store in a cool, dry place.


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