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A.VOGEL Drosinula 200ml CODE No: 000081

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Cough - Bronchial Syrup - Cough Spastic - Liquidation secretion


  • Convulsive cough (suffocating cough that comes to breakthrough seizures with symptoms worse at night when one reclines)
  • Hoarseness, bronchitis, whooping cough
  • Liquidation mucous secretions in chronic bronchopulmonary diseases (lower respiratory system)

  The Cool is a plant that grows in shrublands in many areas of the northern hemisphere . Fresh whole plant is used to prepare syrup sedative effect throat, lungs and respiratory ducts . Can be used with beneficial results in bronchitis , whooping cough and cough . The presence of ploumpaginis helps to explain the effectiveness of cool against streptococcus , staphylococcus and pneumococcus . The relaxing influence of the involuntary muscles helps relieve asthma .

Dosage: Adults: 10ml (1 scoop or 2 teaspoons) 2-4 times a day. - Children (6-12 years): Half adult dose.


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