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DUCRAY Creastim 2x30ml CODE No: 001309

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Lotion Against Hair Loss


Reactive hair loss - Childbirth , Stress , Fatigue - Accelerates hair growth , stop hair loss
The reactive hair loss occurs mostly in women and is caused by factors such as stress , childbirth , changes of seasons , taking drugs or emotional shock.
Properties: The Creastim lotion against hair loss , rich in keratin, tetrapeptide and vitamins, offers a response tailored to reactive hair loss . The combination of active ingredients containing catalyst acts as a real phase of the hair growth . Promotes cell proliferation at the root of the hair , provides the necessary energy and stimulates the main factors affecting the maintenance phase of hair growth and microcirculation of the scalp.
Thus , hair strengthens , increasing the density , the hair loss stopped and therefore increases the volume of hair. Thanks to its light texture , the lotion has optimal absorption without lubricates hair . After the first application , hair becomes stronger and increases the volume and liveliness. The high tolerance of the composition , making the lotion suitable for the most sensitive scalp.

Directions for use: Apply 10 sprays 3 times a week to dry scalp. Massage well to facilitate the absorption of lotion. Do not flush. Avoid bathing for two hours after application of the product. Treatment should be followed for at least 2 months . The packing lasts for 2 months, as one full treatment .

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