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DUCRAY Neoptide Lotion MAN 100ml CODE No: 001358

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Lotion Against Hair Loss for Men - Chronic Hair Loss


  Chronic hair loss in men is mainly hormonal and hereditary character. This progressive hair loss is accompanied by a shortening of the hair life cycle and mikroskopopoiisi hair. The age of onset of hair loss varies, however, it should act quickly using the right products to slow down this phenomenon.

Properties: The lotion against hair loss neoptide man contains an innovative combination of active ingredients, patented, allowing the action to the phenomena involved in persistent hair loss.

-The peptidoxyl-4 stimulates microcirculation of the scalp and facilitate the transfer of data necessary for cellular metabolism.
-The monolaurine reduces the activity of the enzyme, a key which has been recognized as one of the main factors of hair loss.
-The synergistic combination of patented and peptidoxyl-4 and monolaurine, result of research of Dermatological DUCRAY Laboratories, acts as an actual accelerator hair growth after it normalizes the signal plays an important role in the regeneration of the hair follicle cells.

  The lotion neoptide man prolongs the life of hair, hair loss is inhibited, the hair density is enhanced. The light texture of the lotion promotes optimal absorption without greasy hair. Since the first applications hair regain strength and vitality. Its composition is distinguished by its good tolerance allowing the use of even the most sensitive scalp.


Use: Apply 1 time a day 9 sprays on dry or wet scalp in the vertex (dilution area). Massage gently to facilitate absorption of the lotion. Do not flush. Avoid washing for 2 hours after application of the product. For maximum treatment effectiveness should last at least three months. One bottle lasts three months.


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