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ATACHE C VITAL SET ACTIVE Serum 15ml + Fluid 30ml CODE No: 000560

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Addressing Chronogiransis - Photoaging - Discoloration of the Skin


Synergistic action of vitamin C, vitamin E & a - Lipoic Acid:

  1. Natural Vitamin C Serum, stabilized 100%. Avtirytidiki - Avtigirantiki action stimulates and strengthens the natural process of collagen production. Epanadomei & refreshes the skin. Discoloration & Prevention discolorations inhibits melanin production promotes peeling. Protection of photosensitive skin. Strong Avtioxeidotiki action. Prevents photo-aging.
  2. Fluid Vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid. lipophilic and hydrophilic strong Avtioxeidotiki action. Reduce irritation and hypersensitivity of the skin. Improvement of microcirculation. Strengthening the resources of the epidermis. Improving the texture of skin scarring. Overall improvement of the functions of the skin.

VISIBLE RESULTS from 3rd Week! apply 1 time a day, preferably at night. Prepare the time of application as follows: Place the palm within 3 doses of fluid + 2 doses of serum (1 dose = 1 deep touch). Mix with the tip of the finger with the Fluid Serum to obtain a uniform emulsion. The spread in light massage of the face and neck until completely absorbed.

Note: The serum is calculated for 1 month of treatment. The fluid is sufficient for several days and should be used until the end. When mixing instantly feel a sense of warmth in the palm (exothermic reaction). The event indicates the 100% stability and potency of Vitamin C. Highly recommended for photosensitive skin discolorations and with a tendency - to be used throughout the season with bright sunshine - to be combined with sunscreen during the continuous exposure to the sun. Can be combined with A.I.A., retinoids, etc.


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