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AVENE Lotion Micellaire 500ml CODE No: 000697

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Lotion, Cleaning and Removal of the Make-Up with Microspheres - No Rinsing


Indications: Lotion for cleaning and removal of makeup, specifically for sensitive skin showing red. Under the influence of many factors in our skin can permanently or temporarily, be sensitive or yperantidrastiko u lose the sparkle of: Stress, fatigue. Pollution, dry air, hard water. Irritant topical therapies, inadequate hygiene products or cosmetics. Being highly sensitive, our skin has a tendency to blush easily irritated and unrelated to time, which causes tsimimata and pulling. In this case, it is necessary to use a specific and non-aggressive cleaner.

Properties: Extremely rich in thermal waters of AVENEWith sedative and anti-irritant properties of water. Without aggressive cleansing agents, Lotion micellaire apomakrynei foreign substances and removes makeup perfectly from the face, eyes and lips fully respecting the integrity of the skin. Thanks to transparent and lightweight composition enriched with water and apalyntika active ingredients can cause dryness and offers, day by day, a pleasant feeling of comfort. The Lotion micellaire leaves the skin soft and elastic.


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