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BAYER Bepanthol Foam Spray 75ml CODE No: 000847

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Dew Skin


  The spray foam Bepanthol cools instantly minor burns and mild sunburn and provides long lasting hydration by stimulating the normal healing process and soothe irritated skin.
Clinically tested.
   The spray foam Bepanthol is a spray with white, soft foam, an emulsion of new technology (nanoemulsion).
As need not be massaged skin with the foam, is absorbed automatically after the application is painless.
Bepanthol spray foam can be used for the treatment of:
  • minor burns eg of hot water, steam, or hot surfaces
  • light sunburn
Instructions: Cool the burn immediately under running cold water. Then use the spray foam Bepanthol as follows: shake the container. Spray the affected area of ​​skin from 5 cm to be covered entirely by a thin layer of white foam. Wait a few minutes until absorbed by the foam. Xanapsekaste if necessary. When used on the face, avoiding the eyes, nose mouth and ears.

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