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SCHOLL Callus Express 2 in 1 CODE No: 001296

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Effectively Removes Corns - Works Immediately


How Callus 2 in 1 Express Dr. Scholl make a difference?
It is revolutionary, highly effective and acts directly to remove calluses. For more than 1 year.

How do I use the Callus Express 2 in 1?
Step 1: Grater. Gently scrape the top layer of the corn to relieve the painful point of the pressure and friction and allow the advanced solution to penetrate the bunion. Repeat this operation every three days for the complete removal of the colon.
Step 2: Advanced treatment solution calluses. Apply locally advanced solution with the special brush to soften callus and achieve its effective removal. Repeat daily.

What are the results?
Visible results in 5 days.
It relieves pain.

What are bunions?
Calli is one of the most common problems of the lower extremities. It is the reaction of the skin of the feet against the constant pressure. As a defense, formed hard skin, which grows internally in a conical shape, creating a hard core which appears as a hard lump.

What are the symptoms?
Calli have a conical shape with the inner part resting often in nerve endings, causing pain and discomfort it difficult walking. Usually there is a hard layer of skin that covers the bunion.

It's the right product for me?
The coping styles Callus 2 in 1 Express is suitable for hard corns on the toes and metatarsals and soft corns between the toes. Not suitable for neurovascular corns.

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