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SCHOLL System Response Fungi Claw CODE No: 001297

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Eliminates 99.9% Fungi & Claw - Prevents the Spread & reappearance


Why the System Control of Fungal and nails Dr. Scholl is different?
System Response Fungi and nails Dr. Scholl is a system unique design that scientifically proven fights nail fungus. Discreet, easy to use thanks to its special formulation penetrates the infected nail and kill the fungus at the source. Also prevents the spread and prevents their reappearance. It is an effective solution that can be used at home. Dermatologically tested. Antiseptic solution for the treatment of fungal nail for the general public.

How the System Control of nail fungus Dr. Scholl;
Phase 1: Phase Anti (4 weeks) - Neutralizes nail fungus
Week 1 - Always file the surface of the nail once a week. Discard the file after use. Apply the solution daily. Repeat the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week.
Phase 2: Phase Protection (9 months) - Prevents the spread and recurrence
Apply the solution to the nail once a week for nine months or until the dischromatismos be completely gone by maximizing nail.

What are the visible results?
At the end of stage combat level dischromatismou the nail decreases. After 9-12 months, median duration of complete development of the toenails, the dischromatismos disappears and nails regain their healthy appearance without signs.

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