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COLGATE Periogard Plus Pasta 75ml 1 + Periogard Plus Mouthwash 400ml Discount 50% CODE No: 001125

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Protection From Plaque & Gum Bleeding


Periogard Plus Mouthwash: The mouthwash Periogard Plus is clinically proven to effectively prevent the most common problems faced gum adults : redness , swelling, bleeding.

Use: Protection against dental plaque and gum problems : redness , swelling, bleeding.

Instructions: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and then immediately rinse with 15ml solution for 30 seconds.

Periogard Plus Pasta: Clinical investigations have shown that the toothpaste Periogard Plus prevents the formation of dental plaque , even in difficult areas of the teeth. The toothpaste Periogard Plus is most effective after long-term and continuous use , and protects the main dental problems of adults bleeding gums and stone .

Instructions: Brush your teeth at least twice daily or follow the instructions of your dentist . For children six years and younger : Use a pea sized amount for supervised Apis during brushing his teeth , so to minimize swallowing . In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.


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