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BOEHRINGER Lacalut Aktiv 50ml CODE No: 000924

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Helps Control caries - Control the bleeding gums


  The unique composition of LACALUT aktiv helps control dental caries. Tightens and protects gums. The gradual relaxation of gums results reveal part of the tooth leading to the nerve causing pain on contact with cold or hot or sweet or sour. Regular use of LACALUT aktiv, thanks to its unique aluminum lactate containing, strengthens and tightens the gums preventing them so relax. Simultaneously, the aluminum system, and other unique components of the LACALUT aktiv:
  •     Hardens tooth enamel and protects against decay
  •     It fights bacteria
  •     Dissolves plaque
  •     Gives long lasting freshness

Instructions: For healthy, strong teeth and gums by brushing LACALUT aktiv least 2 times a day.

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