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EXELIXIS Aloclair Gel 8ml CODE No: 001520

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Mouth Ulcers - Stomatitis - Small Mouth Injury


Indications: ulcers [mouth ulcers], vesicular stomatitis, small oral lesions including lesions caused by braces and artificial dentures that do not apply well.

The Aloclair Gel contains extract of Aloe [Aloe Vera] and has a mechanical action helps to relieve pain. Adheres to the oral mucosa, protecting the injury from further irritation.

Instructions: Apply 1-2 drops of gel to cover the entire lesion or ulcer. Do akothnpisete an injury to your tongue for at least two minutes, in order to form a protective film on it. Close cap after use. Use the gel 3 to 4 times daily or as needed and do not eat or drink for at least 1 hour after application.

Do not use the product if the packaging is found corrupted [damaged]. Store at room temperature. Not cool. Keep away from children.


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