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FREZYDERM Frezymar Baby 100ml CODE No: 001662

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Colds - Rhinitis - Allergies


Natural, sterile, isotonic sea water, without preservatives and chemicals. Derived from the Swedish Gullmars-fjorden, a Natura protected ecological region. Contains natural minerals and trace elements.

  • Washes away thick nasal discharge and helps restore breathing in case of cold, rhinitis and allergies.
  • Prevents nasal dryness.
  • Respects integrity of the nasal mucous membranes (pH 7,4).
  • Reduces the risk of infections (otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis etc) caused by bacteria, virus, mites, smoke, pollen and allergens.
  • May be combined with medical treatment.

Suitable for cleansing after nasal surgery interventions of children and adults.

Isotonic solution 0,9% NaCl. sterile, preservative free.

Use: Babies-Infants: 1 spray, 3 timrd per day into each nostril. Wait for a few seconds and wipe gently. Children: 1-2 sprays, 3-4 times per day into each nostril. Wait for a few seconds and blow gently. Adults: 2-3 sprays, 3-4 times per day.

Safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding.


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