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CENTRUM Select 50+ Complete from A to Zinc 20eff. tabs CODE No: 001055

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Adults 50 years and over - effervescent tablets with orange flavor


Advanced Composition - Gluten Free

Animation: B-complex vitamins and iron necessary for the metabolism of food into energy.

Immunity: antioxidant necessary for normal functioning of the immune system.

Eye Health: Contains Vitamin A and lutein, for good eye health.

Bone Health: Calcium, Vitamin D, C & K, useful components for healthy bones.

Closeable cap after each use. Keep away from children. A varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is important. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose can cause undesired results. Nutritional supplements to medical advice.

Keep temperature below 25 , the C and protected from moisture.

30 tablets = 43 g

Suitable for diabetics. Usage: Adults: 1 tablet per day.


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