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AYURCARE Ginger Essential Oil 10ml CODE No: 000793

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Analgesic Essential Oil - antiemetics - Antiseptic - Bactericidal - Tonic


  Smell: Strong, warm, spicy ginger essential oil fits perfectly on troubleshooting from cold and flu. It means against nausea, rheumatism, arthritis, bruises, skin sores, fever, cough, etc. The heating properties are too high and faces too well feelings loneliness particular during winter. The activating properties make it a very good aphrodisiac.

  When used in evaporators helps relieve and treat dormancy and loss of libido and against nausea, influenza and feeling of loneliness. When used in bath or massage treat arthritis, lethargy, nausea, cold and flu, muscle aches and poor circulation.

Not contraindications but can irritate sensitive skin.


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