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ABOCA Fitonasal Spray 30ml CODE No: 000130

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Protects & releases the nose


  The nasal spray Fitonasal Spray releases, when cold and / or allergies, the blocked nasal passages and makes breathing easier with the help of five mechanisms that act synergistically:
  •      favors restoring normal production of nasal secretions
  •      provides immediate feeling free breathing
  •      reserves the mucosa hydrated, promoting hygiene
  •      protects the mucosa from irritation, acting as a shield that restricts contact with external irritants
  •      acts refreshingly from the very first application

  The product does not contain decongestants vasopressors, it dries the nasal mucosa and cause irritation. Therefore it is ideal even for frequent use throughout the day. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity or allergic individual in one or more components.

How to use: Use the special nebulizer making of 1-2 sprays into each nostril. If necessary, you can repeat the treatment several times during the day.


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