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AM HEALTH Royal Green Camu-Camu Vitamin C 60caps CODE No: 000346

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The Richest in Natural Source Vitamin C


  The Camu Camu contains the highest amount of vitamin C from fruits known on earth . Vitamin C provides a "full spectrum" form, together with hundreds additional plant nutrients such as bioflavonoids , vitamins , enzymes , minerals and amino acids. For example , compared with an orange, the Camu Camu offers up to 30 times more Vitamin C, 10 times more iron , 3 times more niacin, riboflavin 2 times more and 50 % more phosphorus. The "full spectrum" 100 % natural form ensures optimal absorption and effect .

100% pure Camu Camu C of Royal Green
   To reduce costs, many conventional brands often mix the Camu Camu with maltodextrin. This results in a product that is not 100% pure and therefore with significantly reduced efficiency. The Royal Green Camu Camu offers 100% pure Camu Camu highest quality and available concentration (30:1). This means that collected 30 kilos Camu Camu to produce 1 kilogram of concentrated powder Camu Camu Royal Green.

Unique extraction process
    The fruits of the Royal Green Camu Camu collected when they are still green. This is the best time because, at this stage, contain the highest amount of vitamin C and co-factors. Because of the unique extraction procedure applied, we can guarantee that every nutrient the Camu Camu is collected and maintained.

   Supports to anosopoiitiko. Gives more energy. • Supports recovery after illness. Powerful antioxidant. Good for the nervous system.
   Royal Green offers the following guarantees:
• 100% pure Camu Camu from Peru (Amazonas). Contains hundreds of additional plant nutrients. The highest concentration available (30:1). • 100% vegetarian. No preservatives. • No artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers. Gluten.
Each capsule contains 60mg of natural Vitamin C.


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