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Anxiolytic - hypnagogic


  Hippocrates recommended the valerian to treat insomnia. Later, the Romans used it to combat heart palpitations. The Indians ate the Valerian to combat seizures and to heal wounds. In Europe, the Middle Ages, had been nicknamed "panacea." It was used also during the First World War to relieve stress due to battles and bombings.

  Use the root which contains various components . It is rich in essential oils, valeric acid and other ingredients such valepotriates which are a particularly promising group. The combined effect of these ingredients has calming and relaxing properties . Reduce nervousness and anxiety due to the stress , and improve mood and concentration. Valerian helps sleep , and improves its quality with equally high efficiency as conventional medicines , without causing addiction .It is ideal for those who have or restless sleep or waking up several times a night. Studies also show the presence of anticonvulsant substances on Valerian, which may explain its traditional use in epilepsy. In combination with standard therapy, improves the daily lives of epilepsy patients, contributing to crisis prevention.

  Plant with majestic poise and elegant foliage, Valerian blooms in moist places throughout temperate Europe and the U.S. The stalk is tall and cylindrical, while the flowers, which bloom from May to August, are small white-pink color. The root emits a very distinctive smell that attracts cats which rubbed furiously on the plant.

Dosage: For anxiety: 2 capsules up to three times a day. In case of difficulty falling asleep: 2-3 capsules half an hour before bedtime.


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